6 Things from 2016 That Didn't Suck

Hey Brainiacs,

I don't have to tell you this year has been rough. I'd list all of the atrocities we've experienced as Americans and as people in general, but they're already consistently on our minds so why drive the knife in deeper?  Instead, I prefer to focus on the good.  Without further ado, here's a list of things that happened this year that actually made people happy:

1. The Weeknd's "I Feel It Coming"

Although "Starboy" is decent, I feel that this banger from Abel is completely underrated.  "I Feel It Coming" is so achingly beautiful it makes me want to cry, yet it's funky enough to make me want to get on the dance floor.  If you haven't listened yet, you need to.


2. Demna Gvasalia's Balenciaga


This is a dream come true for connoisseurs of high-to-low fashion like myself.  When I found out there would be a new head of  Balenciaga, I was understandably nervous.  This is one of the oldest fashion houses in history and it has an incredible legacy to live up to; in other words, not just ANYONE can head it.  However, there was never a better choice than Demna Gvasalia.  I've been following his groundbreaking Vetements since it debuted and his eye for eccentricity, androgyny, and simplistic beauty has blended perfectly with the high-fashion aesthetic of Balenciaga.

3. The Diminishment of the Male Topknot

It's so bad! I can appreciate a good man bun, but this hairstyle (?) where men shave the sides of their head and leave a ridiculous mop on top, only to be tied into a knot...where did this come from? Who said this was okay?  Thankfully, I think it's almost over.

4. The Rolling Stones Release a New Album

Another victory for the music world: for the first time in well over a decade, the Rolling Stones release a new album and it's amazing!  A perfect blend of classic rock 'n' roll and modernity.  Also, the many music videos they've already released are ripe with hot celebrities and the surprisingly still good-looking bad members.

5. Kanye West Checks Into Mental Hospital

Unfortunately this didn't last nearly long enough, but it was still entertaining and righteous enough to bring smiles to millions of faces (probably not excluding Taylor Swift).

6. Leo Brings Home His First Oscar

And last but not least: my man finally did it!  After year after year of being the laughing stock of the Oscars for being always the nominee, never the winner, he finally won.  The sad thing is that it was for The Revenant and not any of his dozens of other films actually worth a shit, but hey.  He did it.

Anything from 2016 you can recall that doesn't make you want to cry?  Post in the comment section!




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