The 6 Inevitable Circumstances That Make My Christmas, My Christmas

Finals are almost over and what that means for every college student like myself is that we can finally stop cramming useless information into our poor little brains and start getting excited for Christmas!  At this point it's only two weeks away, which is actually better because it's less days I have to countdown before the holiday is here.

No matter how old you are, Christmas is always dear to your heart.  That's even how the song goes, isn't it?  However, we all celebrate in very different ways.  Whether it's the stereotypical white Christmas or something your own, we all expect our traditions year after year.  What would Christmas be without them?  Here are a few of mine:

1. Hanging up empty stockings

It's pretty nonsensical, but every year my mother, father, and I hang up stockings for each of us.  This used to be really cute and wonderful when I was cute and wonderful enough for my parents to load my stockings with little Christmas toys, but now that we're all old hags around here, they stay empty. Yet, we continue to hang them up every year.  Is this neurotic?

2. Decorating the tree in the exact same format 

I swear, I don't know how she does it, but every year my mother hangs up the exact same ornaments and the exact same lights in the exact same arrangement in a tree that is in startling resemblance to every tree we've ever had.  She'll even go as far as to CHANGE the ornaments my dad and I might have hung up in order to fit her routine.  I sincerely hope we're not the only family with these eccentricities, because this is starting to sound less like a nice post about Christmas tradition and more like a psychiatric confessional.

3. Eating Christmas cookies for breakfast

No, ours look nothing like the above.  However, it's still tradition that after we open presents, we sit around drinking coffee and eating the cookies that I've been baking like a madman for weeks straight.  Is this a healthy and nutritious way to start the day? Do we care? Well.

4. Grandma rolling up in a new Christmas sweater

With the same expression on her face as this guy.  No, actually she never seems to care very much about the sweater.  It's usually a present from someone else in the family and she's like, eh. Yeah. New sweater. Nevertheless, it happens every year.

5. Wearing a Christmas dress I was gifted that morning

Style. Unfortunately I haven't actually done this for years, but when I was younger I was always gifted an elaborate and beautiful Christmas dress, something so ridiculously fancy it could only be worn one day a year.  Is this post just an excuse to hint at someone in my family to buy me a Christmas dress? Well.

6. Going to bed in a food coma and slightly depressed

Every year it happens.  I go to bed with my stomach still bulging and happy from all of the glorious food I've eaten all day.  Simultaneously, I'm sad because while I waited so long for Christmas to come, it's over in a flash.  I now have to wait another 364 days for another one.  None of my presents are new, all my family members have gone home, and life is crap again.

What are some of your Christmas traditions that make your holiday YOURS? Leave a comment below!




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