The Best Fashion Christmas Stories

Hey Brainiacs,

I know I've been posting a lot about the holidays, but I don't think anyone listens to me at this time of year unless I drop the word "Christmas" once or twice.  Okay, and maybe I'm also a little in the spirit.  With no further ado, here is my compilation of the best fashion Christmas editorial stories throughout the years to pretty up the blog and feed all of your Christmas fetishes.

1. Dolls and Dogs

From Korean Vogue.  What did you ask Santa for this year?

2. Vintage Christmas

One of my all-time favorite American Vogue covers--I have a print of this framed and hanging in my room.  Who else can say that?  Probably multiple people, but no one reading this I bet!  

3. The Human Tree

Because apparently no one celebrates Christmas quite like the Koreans, another spread from Korean Vogue.  I love how this is so dark and creepy, yet fundamentally festive.

4. Cold Weather Envy

Wow! Who else would wear this is a heartbeat?  A Christmas-inspired shoot from Vogue.  The blue theme makes this less stereotypical and cheesy and more fashionable and sexy.

5. Christmas in China

Again with the Eastern celebration of Christmas; here is Harper's Bazaar China with their version of the holiday.  Do you think maybe this is somehow paid for by Tiffany's & Co.?

6. The Edible Purse

Not really. In fact, DON'T try to eat this purse.  Charlotte Olympia's Christmas line circa 2012; even the designers join in on the fun.

7. Christmas in New York

The spirit of Christmas is found in all facets of fashion, even in the department stores.  Here is one of Bergdorf Goodman's many world-famous Christmas displays.  Overwhelmingly beautiful, isn't it?




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