The Morning After

My favorite thing about Christmas is everyone being together.  That sounds obvious, but I mean that I love to see wildly varying personalities and characters all stuck under one roof.  It's this magical time of year because people who wouldn't usually become friends are thrust together because of the holiday, and it usually turns out to be a really beautiful thing.

This post is a little more personal than usual, but that's okay.  I want to use it to thank everyone who came to my Christmas and made it so special; you all know who you are.  It was my last Christmas in California and in my childhood home, and it truly was one to remember.  

In honor of things that don't usually go together but somehow work, here are some of the great fashion editorial shoots overtime that have nothing in common and no theme whatsoever, but are beautiful and fascinating in their own ways.

Please comment with your own Christmas story--how did yours go?  I want to know!



By Guy Bourdin

By Guy Bourdin

Pat Cleveland, 1977

Ruth and May Bell by Harley Weir

Karl Lagerfeld

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Paris

Naomi - Vogue Italia

Lady Gaga by Steven Klein

Lara Stone by Patrick Demarchelier

Molly Blair for Vogue Italia


  1. Interesting. This was also my last Christmas in southern California and the 75th. It was a special time with the cast out of a sit-com and it was an endearing time with family and friends. Some of the photos you've posted are beautiful and demonstrate firm expressions of the artist's involved. Excellent choices.


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