Slaying at the SAGs

Hey Brainiacs,

It's the Monday morning after the SAG Awards and I couldn't care less about who won.  I care about what they wore.

The awards ceremony was used as a platform for politics--many celebrities spoke out against President Trump's ban on immigrants entering the U.S. from select countries.  Many are against celebrities using their platforms to preach politics, but I think if you have the audience why shouldn't you be able to stand up for what you believe in? How else would anyone do anything about ANYTHING?

But enough about politics.  We're here to talk about the thing that matters most: fashion.  Without further ado, here are my top picks for who brought it on that red carpet and who just...didn't.

1. Kerry Washington - PASS

Dressed in Roberto Cavalli, the Scandal actress never doesn't bring it.  I love the sleek, dark hair and makeup contrasted with the frilly white sex appeal of this gown.  You did it right, Kerry.

2. Rashida Jones - FAIL

Rashida  The color is all wrong and it's completely shapeless in a terrible way.  Also, I know she's trying to go for the tousled look with her hair but it just comes across sloppy. 

3. Rami Malek - PASS

Wow. I'm barely aware of who this guy is, but he looks amazing.  I can't take my eyes off him.  He just looks so put together--not to mention the color scheme of his ensemble pairs amazingly with his eyes.  Bravo.

4. Julie Bowen - FAIL

She tried, but she just didn't do it for me. I think she's trying to show off her body a little too much, which is absolutely gorgeous, but this dress leaves way too little to the imagination.

5. Brie Larson - PASS

So simple, elegant, sexy, and beautiful.

6. Amy Adams - PASS

Another simple look, but absolutely stunning in Brandon Maxwell.  Thanks to Gaga for bringing this designer into the red carpet spotlight, because he has been front and center at every awards show lately.

7. Gina Rodriguez - PASS

One of my favorite actresses and she looked absolutely amazing.  No need for excessive jewelry or makeup with a dress that speaks for itself.

8. Alia Shawkat - FAIL

I'm sorry but what the hell?

9. Taraji P. Henson - PASS

To a woman who ALWAYS comes onto the red carpet looking like a queen.  This was no exception.

10. Emily Blunt - PASS

She can pull off every hairstyle and practically every silhouette.

The Winner

Most people looked fabulous, and some people tried their best, but in my opinion the absolute winner of the SAG Awards Red Carpet was Kirsten Dunst.

She's always been known for her fashion sense, but this just blew me away.  She looks like an angel and I can't stop staring at pictures from the event.  Well done.

Agree with my picks? Disagree? Maybe I forgot someone you loved?  Leave a comment!




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