Halftime 2017: Lady Gaga

Hey Brainiacs,

Today I want to talk about the only thing that should be on anyone’s mind: the Super Bowl.  And no, I’m not talking about the first half where the Falcons were winning or the second half where Tom Brady did a lot of good stuff and made the Patriots win or whatever (I’m honestly surprised I know that much about the game—social media is amazing).  I’m talking about the 13 minutes in between; basically, the only part of the game that actually mattered…LADY GAGA.
            Because what other performer can jump into the stadium from the roof and perform while suspended in midair dressed head to toe in Versace?  What other performer could be so diplomatic, so unpolitical, and yet so uniting and loving in her performance?  And what other performer can move around like a gymnast while singing her entire show live?  She’s not even human.
            Gaga made me want to cry.  I sat there in front of my TV like a child, legs crossed on the floor while I stared up at the screen in awe.  I’m sure my jaw was practically unhinged.  To witness so much love, so much beauty, in one woman on a big stage shared with dancers who are just as excited about her legacy as everyone in the audience, was overwhelming. 
            All I have to say to that performance is thank you, Lady Gaga.  Thank you for allowing us to forget about all the seriousness and just have fun.  Thank you for reminding us what it’s like to dance and smile.  Thank you for distracting us from having to watch a bunch of grown men with too much testosterone rolling around on top of each other in the grass to win a tacky trophy shaped like the ball they’re groping for.  Thank you for that killer half time show.
            Anyone want to weigh in with your reaction to Lady Gaga’s performance?  Maybe you didn’t view it as an actual gift from God, and that’s okay.  What was your take on it?  Could someone else have done better?  Leave a comment!




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