It Was Good For Me, How Was It For You?

Have you ever heard this question and been able to answer it honestly?  Well don't fake your orgasm for me, give it to me straight: what did you think of New York Fashion Week?

Did it blow your mind? I'll be honest, last season didn't really do it for me.  Sure, it ended with a Marc Jacobs rave and who can be down about that, but then there was the whole possibility of cultural appropriation (white girls + dread locks = bad) and that just really put a damper on things.

This season was infinitely better.  J. Crew stayed true to their new controversial decision to cast "real people" as models, influencing a few other designers to follow suit.  We saw models of all age, color, and size, and that's always inspiring to the audiences around the world.


It's my opinion that Alexander Wang hit it out of the park with his almost exclusively black collection. Sexy, sporty, and the perfect amount of messy, as is customary to his brand. It's been a pleasure to see him focus on his brand the past few months and really blossom into who he is as a designer for no one but himself.

Edun had a particularly stunning collection, blending textures, colors, and patterns that don't typically work together yet making for a dramatic presentation.

Nothing is ever more exciting than watching Stella Maxwell shuffle down a runway in Jeremy Scott.  At a glance, she is wafting along the path atop swaths of cotton candy.

You'd think rocker chic would get old past, I don't know, THE EIGHTIES, but Anna Sui manages to keep it relevant season after season.  What really made me fall in love with this collection was the hair/beauty decisions of Minnie Mouse-ish buns, flowing manes, and dark lips.

These are a few of my highlights from the week as I attempt to keep up with the current madness that is London Fashion Week.  What are your thoughts? Don't be shy.




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