Princess No More

Hey Brainiacs,

Sorry it's been a while, again, but I am finally done with finals!  And with the completion of finals comes the completion of my undergraduate career.  This means no more late nights stuck in class, no more studying material I couldn't care less about, and no more pretending to listen to professors who bored me half to death.

To celebrate the end of this little slice of hell, I've been doing basically nothing.  I'm literally sitting on my patio and scrolling through the websites of Vogue, WWD, and Bazaar.  However, this brought me to my writing topic of the day: Princess Mako of Japan is giving up her royal title.

While studying at the International Christian University in Tokyo, Mako met Kei Komuro, a paralegal (not a royal).

As is Japanese imperial tradition, in order to marry Komuro, Mako would have to give up her official title and role as a princess, which she has decided to do.

Initially, I wasn't sure how I felt about this.  Giving up her entire destiny for a man?  However, lately I've been softening up to the idea of love.

Why should Mako have to marry someone she likely doesn't care about in order to keep her title?  And what exactly does the title of "Princess" do for a girl anyway?  Free tiaras?

I think it's bold of Mako to follow her heart and pursue the man she truly loves.  Connections like that don't come around frequently, and you can't just throw them away.  If she has met someone she wants to spend every day with, wants to share her secrets and quirks with because he will love her at the end of the day no matter what, then she should be happy.  She should be with the paralegal, crown be damned.

What do you think about this?  Does this matter to you at all?  I'm not sure why I care so deeply about Princess Mako of Japan's love life, but it's a slow Wednesday.




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