Justifying Nature

Actress China McClain posted a photo of herself wearing her natural hair on Instagram this week with the message: "Haven't ever really worn my natural hair but I'm sick of straightening this magic.  I'm a black girl and I'm hella proud."

What's problematic here is that this is newsworthy.  Multiple outlets posted articles about the fact that this actress posted a photo with her natural hair.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's amazing that she feels empowered and wants to lift up other women on her social media, but should the act of wearing your hair natural be considered brave?

It's not fair that women, and specifically women of color, have to justify wearing natural hair or forgoing makeup.  It's not fair that we have to say "No makeup day" or "bedhead" to "apologize" for the fact that we're being ourselves.

This photo shouldn't be newsworthy, but it is.  This should be a photo of a young woman living her life.  We shouldn't need to be told that we can love and accept ourselves no matter what our nature looks like.  We should already know this.  We should already be allowed to love ourselves unconditionally.

What do you think about this?  Am I wrong?  Do you agree or disagree?  Again, I think it's great that she feels empowered and is empowering others via her social media platform.  But again, I don't think this is something that should need to be said.

Comment with your thoughts.




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