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Many people don't realize how much it actually takes to be a successful model.  Not only do you have to be pretty--oh no.  You have to maintain an aesthetic that works for you, you have to network, and you have to be your own brand.  In order to make a career out of posing in front of a camera, you really have to work.

Those of you who know me know that I've always had a deep appreciation and respect for models, and that hasn't changed.

I'm here to save the beginning of your week with some amazing news: Model Monday is back! Since it's been a while since I've introduced you to a new and interesting model, I've decided to ease you back into it with my top 10 classic models of all time. Without further ado, a list of the 10 chicest people to grace the covers of international magazines:

1. Lisa Fonssagrives

2. Wilhelmina Cooper

3. Veruschka

4. Pat Cleveland

5. Kim Alexis

6. Naomi Campbell

*NOTE* One of my first loves. When I was 10 or 11 I received a Harper's Bazaar photography book for Christmas and it was then that I was introduced to the work of Naomi Campbell. I have never been so in awe of a model and this is the picture that won me over.

7. Michaela Bercu 

(If simply for the fact that she was on Anna Wintour's first ever Vogue cover)

8. Brandi Quinones

9. Gemma Ward

10. Stella Lucia

Forever my favorite.

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