Beyoncé The Author (Brought to You By Unpublished-and-Bitter-About-It)

Beyoncé has news for us mere mortals, and it’s big: she’s released a 600-page coffee table book about her sixth album, Lemonade.  The book takes readers through the process that went behind the album—everything from the body paint featured in her music video for “Sorry” to the Louisiana Tignon Laws that went behind Creole women wearing headwraps, which Beyoncé dons for the album.

This book features a lot of interesting copy.  For example, it goes into great depth about every collaboration/idea/ritual that went behind the album.  An extreme Beyoncé fan might be thrilled to learn all of this—a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of the industry.  However, are the rest of us expected to give that much of a shit?

I’ve always enjoyed Beyoncé, and I must admit that Lemonade and all that it stands for in terms of women of color and feminism in general, is absolutely brilliant.  I think Beyoncé is a great role model and a modern trailblazer for women everywhere, but even this doesn’t make me want to read a 600-page book on her fucking music album.

Like I said before—for extreme fans, this makes sense.  If there were a 600, no, 600,000-page book on Lady Gaga, I’d devour it.  I’d read it every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep.  But for the rest of the population who isn’t a die-hard Beyoncé fan, how does this book make sense?

Sort of like Kim K’s selfie book (although much less ridiculous)—who is buying this crap?  I get wanting to know all the history of feminism and black culture in America, but can’t we trust someone other than Beyoncé to teach it to us?  Like, maybe, and this is a reach but: a historian? 

Good for Beyoncé for taking the time to sit down and write a 600-page book.  Except, wait, she definitely didn’t write a single word and it’s mostly pictures anyway.  I guess I’m just interested to see how long this book is wildly sought after before it’s forgotten forever and I come across it in a cardboard box at a yard sale in seven years.

I literally don't even want to KNOW how much it costs.




  1. $300! That's the cost. Incredible that it will be a big seller! ��


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