Horoscope Ramblings: Gemini

As per request, here are my horoscope findings for my anonymous friend, the Gemini!  I wish I knew who you were so I could relate it to you more closely (so maybe you should reveal yourself to me), but I'll do my best:

As far as your strengths, you are gentle, affectionate, curious, and adaptable.  You're a quick learner and eager to exchange ideas with others.  Whoever you are, we should have a conversation because I do love to exchange ideas!  However, you can be nervous and inconsistent, which means our conversation might be a train wreck--you might even wet yourself/end up on the floor.

You like books, magazines, and chats with nearly anyone.  Okay, I understand the chats with nearly anyone, but books and magazines?  Don't most people enjoy at least magazines?  Come on, astrology.

You dislike being alone, confined, or stuck in a routine.  Here's where you and I would not get along at all because I regularly cancel plans so that I can spend my time along instead, and I thrive in routines.  So good luck trying to catch me.

You're expressive and quick-witted with two different personalities.  This sounds exhausting, but hopefully you know how to handle it.  You're sociable and communicative, always ready for fun (this makes you sound easy).  You're fascinated with the world itself and naturally curious.  You're honestly starting to sound like a small puppy.

You're forever seeking friends, colleagues, significant others.  Once again, exhausting.  Can you please calm down?

As for love, you see verbal communication equal to or more important than a physical connection, which is so important.  You're always ready to flirt and you have a need for excitement (again, easy).  However, your biggest challenge is to find a love that lasts.  It's difficult for you to hold onto emotions for too long.

You're very social and love to spend time with friends and family.  Your brain has to constantly be challenged.  As far as a career choice, your best going for something that stimulates your brain and your sociability.  Try being a trader, writer, inventor, or lawyer (although how does writer make sense--literally what is more reclusive than this? I'm in a coffee shop and I haven't spoken to a single person yet today).

Does this fit you, anonymous commenter?  Leave a comment elaborating if I got it right or not, I'm interested to know!  And anyone else who wants their horoscope examined, leave a comment.  I don't really have anything else going on.




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