6 Reasons I Love Anna Wintour

An article last week reminded me of a very important fact: This month marks 4 years of Anna Wintour being the Artistic Director of Conde Nast, the media company that owns publications such as GQ, The New Yorker, Pitchfork, and Wintour's baby: Vogue.

Wintour has been at Vogue since November 1988 (the famous high-to-low cover) and has seen (and been at the forefront of) many changes in the industry.  Her experience, expertise, and tenacity makes her a perfect fit to direct...well, anything.

I've done research on Wintour that borders on the obsessive (I've literally wanted to be her since I was nine), making me pretty qualified (by my own assessment, yes) to talk about her and list the reasons why she is the queen of the fashion world and my life:

1. She was the first to mix high fashion with a pair of blue jeans.

Image result for vogue november 1988

This cover was Anna's first at Vogue and arguably the climax of the magazine's lifetime. Model Michaela Bercu wears a bejeweled Christian Lacroix sweater with a pair of Guess jeans. It was so never-been-done that the magazine's printers actually called Wintour and asked if there had been some kind of mistake. The most exciting and possibly controversial thing about this cover is the fact that Bercu's little belly isn't photoshopped to be flat as a board. A stepping stone for a world that STILL hasn't progressed enough to regularly include ALL body types in fashion editorials/advertisements/runways, but a step nonetheless.

2. She's had the same hairstyle since she was a teenager.

Image result for anna wintour bob

The bob has come in and out of style over the years, transforming itself to fit relevance.  However, the one bob that hasn't faltered even slightly is Anna Wintour's.  And somehow, it always works.  Somehow, it's always in style.

3. The reason she wears her sunglasses indoors is because they're prescription and she doesn't like eye glasses.

Image result for anna wintour glasses

I mean, this may or may not be true.  I read it in a biography about her that she didn't give any consent to so who knows, but I think it's pretty cool.  I choose to believe it's true.  How amazing is that?

4. I'm pretty sure no one has ever made fun of/ridiculed her, ever.

Image result for anna wintour scary

I've noticed that most celebrities or public icons have been ridiculed or had rumors started about them once or twice.  While many consider Anna to be impossible to work with (her nickname is "Nuclear Wintour"), she has never really been the butt of a public joke.  No one makes fun of her.  But she can make or break your entire life, so why would you?

5. She pisses off PETA.

Image result for anna wintour peta

And PETA pisses off everyone else, so thank you Anna.

6. She taught me how hard I have to work to get what I want.

Image result for anna wintour work hard

Anna Wintour did everything it took to get to the head of American Vogue.  She put in time at other magazines, she established connections, she networked her ass off, and she single-handedly forced her way into the position.  That isn't to say she doesn't deserve it or isn't qualified: she's the most fashionable woman on the planet. Her style intuition cannot be matched.  But she didn't just have the talent--she had the drive, which is something so many people lack.  

Anna, thank you for pushing me from the young age of nine to pursue my fashion dreams and never give up until I've achieved everything I'm working for!  I'm sure you've inspired millions of other young girls and boys along the way.  They're spread out all over the planet, putting in work to be the next Anna Wintour.  But here's the plot twist: I'm going to beat them all.




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