One of these is your New Year's Resolution

Hey Brainiacs,

It's been a while, and for that I apologize, but I'm back just in time to tell you how to get through this year's New Year's Eve.

NYE is strange -- in fact, it's something I've written about before for it's unusualness.  NYE is a chance to turn over a new leaf, to launch into the new year as a "new you."  NYE is the night you announce to your close family and friends what will be different about you in the morning (and what will ultimately fail by February).  It's a time for closeness, self-evaluation and honesty.  But while it can be this way for some people, for others it's also a time to get completely shit-faced.

Although some people may put you down and tell you your resolution is bound to fail (kind of like I just did), that doesn't mean you shouldn't use up a whole lot of time thinking of one!  But if you're busy this year (or, let's face it, you just don't really have it in your to give a shit anymore), you're in luck, because I've thought a few great ones for you.

1. Read a book a week.

I know this sounds unrealistic, but it's doable, I swear. I used to do it.  And even if it isn't, even if you start reading A Tale of Two Cities January 1 and put it down after the longest hour of your life, you were still that person at the NYE party talking about how you're going to read a book a week. Someone probably believed you.

2. Go camping at some point.

Maybe you've never been camping before in your life. Maybe the thought of sleeping out in the wilderness where gross animals pee and shit and eat humans alive has never appealed to you. Maybe you considered star-gazing a waste of time and you have no interest in it. Maybe you feel like civilization was invented for a reason and we really shouldn't fuck with that. Maybe your name is Taylor Engle. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go! Take a break from the stubborn hard limits you've been applying to your life and do something that freaks you out.

3. Learn how to grow marijuana.

Learning something like home marijuana cultivation is an excellent trade.  Not only can you get licensed and sell it, but you never have to buy weed again.  But the important thing here is that this serves me since I gave you this idea, and you should share.

4. Write a story.

Start with a short one -- it doesn't have to be anything crazy. Talk about something you love, something you hate, something you've experienced -- talk about anything you want. Just make it interesting (just kidding, it doesn't even have to be interesting, because no one ever has to read it! The resolution does not exist!). What is the point, you ask? Writing is therapeutic, and it can help you through more than you know. It's already saved my life.

5. Get a drastic haircut.

Why not? What do you have to lose at this point?

6. Say a nice thing to yourself every day.

We're always quick to brush off the cheesy ones, but sometimes they are the resolutions that can do the most healing for us. When I began recovering, my mom told me to write down something I was grateful for every single day. I reluctantly obliged, and it did actually help my recovery and self-esteem. 

7. Write a song.

So you're a crappy musician?  You can't even sing a single note? Write a song anyway.

8. Get in a fistfight. 

I don't know, this just sounds like it could be entertaining.

9. Base your entire wardrobe for the year on seven articles of clothing (of your choice).

Oddly specific? Yes. Brilliant idea? Debatable. But it seems like a great way to get in touch with yourself and who you are beyond material items, while also functioning as a fun exercise to have down in case you end up on Project Runway.

10. Smoke weed every single day.

Self-explanatory/never a bad idea/do it.



P.S. If you end up doing any of these resolutions, write me about it! I want to hear about your experience.


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