Will NYFW Fall 2018 See More Diversity?

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier and I came across a tweet about which collections viewers are looking forward to seeing for New York Fashion Week, which one follower responded to with, "DIVERSITY." I couldn't help but think about what this might look like.

Runway diversity has been a big issue for NYFW (and Fashion Month in general) for its entirety. Yes, we are seeing models of more ages, weights and heights on the runway, but it's still uncommon. It's still rare enough for us to notice. It's still so jarring that it distracts from the clothing to actually see someone wearing them who isn't a size 00, six feet tall and white. The runway is not diverse enough.

However, this is 2018. #MeToo has happened. Cameron Russell has outed the industry via Instagram for its rampant abuse and ill treatment of models. Other models have come forward and spoken out about the cruel ways they are treated before and during shows - the constant pressure there is to lose weight, to to stand for hours and hours, to take off their panties and "just let it happen." Maybe this time, diversity is actually going to happen.

Women are at a point where we have given up. We've given up on pretending we're having a good time with a man because we're too scared to admit otherwise. We've given up on being the "bitch" at work because we spoke our minds. We're done being told what we're supposed to look like - for once, are we allowed to be the ones who say what we look like?

As far as I can remember, a woman has never told a man what he should do to be conventionally attractive. We've never made them into that ideal form of beauty and then treated it as our possession, like we own it, like it owes us something. Men have always had the freedom to be men, and sadly I can't even imagine how that must feel.

The fashion industry tends to be even harsher than that. I have been watching Fashion Month from Southern California since I was a little girl, but I have never seen myself on the runway. Isn't that sad? I've never seen a woman who looked anything like me and I know billions of other women haven't either (as well as men). 

In my opinion, nothing is better than Fashion Month. I love the collections, the street style, the front rows, the ambiance. I'm obsessed with it all. But what would make it even better would be having representation of every type of person on the runway. That's what we want to see this season. TRUE diversity.


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