The Chronicles of a Fashion WOMAN: It Was Not, In Fact, The Final Entry

Hi Brainiacs,

Devout readers of Taylor's Brain may recognize this series, although when I first began writing it in 2016 it was under "The Chronicles of a Fashion Girl." Although I was legally a woman in 2016, I don't believe I really became one until May 4, 2017 (the day I decided to recover from anorexia). I was just a naive girl running around a concrete jungle and trying to make sense of it before I wasted away.

I wrote what I believed would be the final chronicle on August 13, 2016--the final day of my internship and my stay in New York City. I had no idea when I would be back and although I was hopeful, I wasn't 100% certain I would ever move here permanently (I've always been an optimist, but a realist first).

As luck (and an exhausting, seemingly never-ending amount of work) would have it, the bitch is back and here to stay. But I wouldn't feel right if I disappeared to live my new life without writing about it to share with whoever finds it to be interesting.

Over the next...however long I feel like it, I will be chronicling my time here in New York. My wild experiences on the subway, in night clubs, at work, in the fashion scene, and in recovery in a new environment (because that is something I'm still doing and will never abandon or forget).

Read if you care; I hope everyone will get at least a little something out of my journey.

Love Always,



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